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Why Belgian Waffle Factory?

  • Instagram Worthy Product
    Extremely diverse Target Customer Group
    End consumers in the age group 7-70 years young!

  • Brand Owned by Chef and Passionate Cooks
    Well researched recipes formulated to ensure consistency in product and consumer experience. Focused on continuous innovations

  • 100% Vegetarian Products
    No Animals were harmed in making our delicious crispy waffles. 100% Eggless ingredients to ensure global mass appeal and better shelf life

  • Freshly Baked, Perfectly Crisp ON EVERY ORDER
    Every order is freshly baked ensuring crisp on the outside and fluffy in the inside

  • Variety to the Customer
    Choice of waffles and pancakes in different bases of chocolate, red velvet, golden, thick shakes and some savoury munchies

  • Highly Profitable
    Built with an understanding of constraints of higher rents; the model gives an optimum use of space, manpower whilst delivering inspirational products at affordable pricing

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